Which pool will be most tolerant of dog hair?


I am looking into starting a k9 swiiming pool. I need recommendations on which pools will be most tolerant of the hair.

Thanks,- Jennifer G.

Answer (by Cindy Horsfall):

Hi Jennifer! You can read the following topic on the ACWT website: What kind of pool or spa should I get?

When choosing a pool, the filter and circulation system will be very important. It’s best to work with the pool contractor or manufacturer of the spa/pool to set up a system that will be able to handle large amounts of hair. Filter and pump sizes are all dependent on the pool or spa size you select.

Pools and swim spas are usually built for people and pool maintenance companies always talk about hair nets and such… so most pool contractors and companies aren’t comfortable with HAIR… let alone DOG HAIR… so this is where you need to ask for them to think outside the box. You need to beef up any circulation system to push that hair through the filters. You should pay attention to the hair catch pots in your pool and can even ask for more or bigger catch pots which are designed to catch the hair BEFORE it goes to the filters. Some like the cartridge filters for hair as you don’t have to clean them but just toss them away and put in another one, while sand and DE filters you have to clean and backwash.

Hope this helps!

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