Benefits of Membership

The Association was founded as a forum for animal massage and bodywork professionals to network and support each other.

Here are some of the benefits members enjoy:

  • Worldwide promotion of animal massage and bodywork
  • Advancing professionalism of animal massage and bodywork
  • Resource for Preferred Educational Provider (PrEP) schools, to promote their workshops and seminars
  • Continuing education lists and calendar
  • Documentation and publishing of legal requirements and limitations by state and country as available
  • Support of local lobbying efforts to maintain safe and legal practices
  • IAAMB/ACWT website & membership directory
  • Regional referral service
  • Liability Insurance for small and large animal massage and bodywork
  • Subscription to quarterly newsletter
  • Venue for self-promotion through advertising, presentations and conference participation
  • Provides a platform for professional networking, mentoring, and development
  • Discounts on member products and services
  • Opportunities to publish case studies and articles
  • Intellectual resource support for research
  • IAAMB Facebook Page & Public Facebook Group