Become a Preferred Educational Provider

The IAAMB/ACWT sees as an important part of its mission the promotion and development of animal massage and bodywork educators.

The IAAMB/ACWT Preferred Educational Provider is for educators of animal massage, acupressure, bodywork, and energy work. This is a separate membership from the Individual Practitioner Member. Only institutions that are approved by the IAAMB/ACWT, that have had their courses reviewed and approved by the IAAMB/ACWT Education Review Board, will have the opportunity and privilege to be listed on the IAAMB/ACWT School web page, advertise in quarterly newsletters and conferences, and have their programs listed in IAAMB/ACWT School Calendars.

If you are a member with a school, we encourage you to add this new category to your credential.

Join the IAAMB/ACWT and apply to become an IAAMB/ACWT Preferred Educational Provider.

Many students refer to the IAAMB/ACWT website, seeking 3rd party reassurance and recommendations when deciding where – and from whom – to get training. By extension, our organization also serves as an information resource. With online practitioner lists, arranged by region and skill, we influence the choices of practitioner clients, prospective employers and other stakeholders, such as legislators who write the laws that define our practice.

After receiving many requests for our opinions about the qualities of academic programs of individual schools, the IAAMB/ACWT developed a review process that assures that schools meet required standards of competency. The IAAMB/ACWT created a certificate of excellence for member animal massage and bodywork schools that meet these standards. These schools are awarded the status of IAAMB/ACWT Preferred Educational Provider. Preferred Educational Providers are the only schools that the IAAMB/ACWT acknowledges, accepts advertising from, and for whom will publish course offerings. There are currently IAAMB/ACWT PrEP schools in the US, Canada, Netherlands, Hungary and France.

We invite you to apply to add your school to this cadre of excellent educators.

Why would you choose to join us? As an IAAMB/ACWT Preferred Educational Provider you will have opportunities to advertise your workshops and market your in-house produced media. You will have opportunities to speak at conferences, publish your research and case studies, meet and network with the other expert colleagues in our field.

As an IAAMB/ACWT Preferred Educational Provider you will have more exposure to the demographic of people who are looking for you, or who may have already found you and are hesitating to make commitments to register, while seeking outside reassurance.

As an IAAMB/ACWT Preferred Educational Provider you are authorized to offer Student IAAMB/ACWT Memberships, which will encourage a sense of professionalism and community in your graduates.

General Information

Welcome Applicant!

The purpose of the application process is to approve you, as an individual or organization, as an animal massage and/or bodywork and/or energy work Preferred Educational Provider. To accomplish this, the IAAMB/ACWT Education Review Board evaluates information that substantiates the applicant’s existence as an established school for a minimum of one year.

Who Should Submit An Application?

This application should be completed by the applicant wishing to become an IAAMB/ACWT Preferred Educational Provider of animal massage and bodywork education.

What Are The Prerequisites?

To become an IAAMB/ACWT Preferred Educational Provider you must be an established provider (individual or organization) that has taught at least one course once in the last three years. Your course(s) must be appropriate to the field of animal massage and bodywork.

How to Submit Your Application

Submit one typed copy of your application and all supporting documentation in a three-prong folder or three-ring binder with tabs separating each section of the application or, submit the typed application and all supportive documentation on one CD-R compact disc or thumb drive. Note: A hardcopy with signature is required for the Code of Conduct Agreement and payment information as well as additional home study content or program brochures.

Where to Submit Your Application

Mail completed Preferred Educational Provider Application with your payment to:

Preferred Educational Provider Application
2950 Douglas Rd.
Toledo, OH 43606 USA

Application Fees

Inclusive application and inaugural year fee: $249.00 USD
Fees are non-refundable. All fees are subject to change.

Payment Options

Pay by check (make check payable to “IAAMB/ACWT” (in U.S. funds)
Pay online with Visa, MasterCard, Discover, American Express with the form below.

Preferred Educational Provider

1.1 Annual fee due on the anniversary date of your acceptance: $249.00 USD. If applicable, refer to reinstatement fees. (See below).

1.2 Schools will receive email correspondence to remind them to renew their annual membership. Schools are allowed a 30 day grace period from their IAAMB/ACWT anniversary date in which they can become current with their annual membership dues. If your school membership lapses beyond the 30 days, its name will be removed from the list of Preferred Educational Provider schools.

1.3 Reinstatement fees. If your school membership lapses beyond the 30 days, there will be a $50 reinstatement fee.

1.4 The IAAMB/ACWT is committed to being the responsible agent and referral source for high quality animal massage and bodywork educational programs. This association is an established venue for practitioners to promote their businesses. It is a source for clients seeking member services. And, it is a destination for potential students seeking to discover educational resources. As such, the IAAMB/ACWT only recommends approved Preferred Educational Providers.

To Request Your Application

We are happy to help you with any questions you may have. Please call 800-903-9350 Monday-Friday, 10 AM to 2 PM EST or email