IAAMB/ACWT and NBCAAM Joint Conference

September 26 - 29, 2019
Highline College in Des Moines, WA


The International Association of Animal Massage and Bodywork / Association of Canine Water Therapy (IAAMB/ACWT) was founded as a forum for animal massage and bodywork professionals to network and support each other.

Our members share a common goal of advancing the field of animal massage and bodywork. The IAAMB/ACWT encourages dialog among the schools and schools of thought within the field of animal massage and bodywork.

Check out the over 300 IAAMB/ACWT Member Directories: Individual Professionals, Students & Preferred Educational Providers all over the world and find an animal massage and bodywork practitioner or course near you.

We enhance understanding and professional acceptance of the animal directed disciplines of massage, acupressure, Reiki, polarity, sound/music, healing touch, flower essence, aromatherapy, color and light therapies, and animal communication.

With increased understanding and communication, the IAAMB/ACWT enhances each of the many aspects and practices of animal care.


  • promotes international recognition and accreditation for our profession
  • supports and works for legislation that enables member providers to practice their skills with animals legally
  • is a forum for animal massage and bodywork professionals to network and support each other
  • provides a platform for professional mentoring
  • hosts national and regional educational conferences for open exchange of information
  • documents and publishes legal requirements and limitations by state and country, as available
  • provides this website and lists association members in a member directory
  • offers Preferred Educational Provider accreditation
  • offers preferred educational provider school listings
  • advertises continuing education courses
  • publishes quarterly newsletters, available on-line and in hard copy
  • educates the general public about benefits of massage and bodywork for animals
  • venue for promoting and marketing member produced instructional media