Brand Guidelines

Consistent IAAMB/ACWT branding is critical. Every branding decision we make regarding logo, fonts and language helps shape that brand. A consistent brand guarantees that anyone looking at anything we do — from a video to a brochure — will recognize that we are IAAMB/ACWT at first glance.

IAAMB/ACWT has developed specific guidelines for four areas of our association. Please refer to the guidelines that best reflect your usage intent and relationship with APHA.


  • IAAMB/ACWT “Blue” = #0C45d6
  • IAAMB/ACWT “Black” = #000000
  • IAAMB/ACWT “White” = #FFFFFF


  • TBD

Logos / Resourses:

Official Logo

Only IAAMB/ACWT Members may use the logo below on their website or in promotional materials to show their continued membership.

Square Version

Circle Only Version

Text Only Version